Android Is The Most Common Platform For Games

Game shows have been decreasing in popularity over the course of the last view years. However, smartphone technology has made it possible for the door to game show entertainment to reopen via the various apps that allow the user to participate in the games. People who enjoy game shows such as Whose Price is Right, Deal or No Deal, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire will find the apps based off of the shows to be incredibly entertaining as well as time filling! With the technology we have today, you can not only watch the game shows, but participate as if you are actually in the crowd.


Android is the most common platforms that offer these game show gaming apps. There are five apps in particular for the avid game show junkie. The first app is called Game Show Adventure. It is a trivia based game which features quizzes based on your knowledge in game shows. Arcade pub quiz games, which are mainly at local pubs, inspired this app immensely. The game turns your hand held smart device in a fun little generator that you will struggle to put away or even let charge for a few moments. Not only is Game Show Adventure fun, challenging, and entertaining, but it also improves the users coordination, memory, sense of logic, and knowledge. People who have used this app also feel as though their puzzle solving skills and reflexes improved as well.


The second app is called Millionaire 2016. This is the latest version of the Millionaire series which is available on mobile devices. This app is based on TV-Millionaire, a famous and widely popular game show. The game is free, has smooth graphics, great sound quality, help options for those who need it, online rankings, and much more! The third app is called Whose Price is Right based on the game show, The Price is Right. It allows the user to do just what they do in the actual show. You bet on the prices of products, swirl it, and lock it in! The more accurate your guesses of the product prices are, the more coins you will earn. You can also win prizes which you can keep or convert into coins. Get your friends to join so that you can create matches and play against them!

The fourth app is called Deal or No Deal based on the game show Deal or No Deal.  This is an as seen on TV app and is sure to entertain! You can play a story version of the game or partake in the classic version. There is a box picking where you do not have to answer question or use power ups. You can download the app for free but it is also available in a premium package.  The fifth app is based on the game show Family Feud. There is a first version to the gaming app entitled, “Family Feud 1”. However, the newest version is called Family Feud 2. With entirely new graphics, surveys which are updated from the previous edition, and twists that help you get your scores higher than ever, this gaming app will not disappoint you! Some of the features include: being able to challenge your family and friends and even anyone you choose from the online community for this game, discovering new tournaments, new power up options and much more!


No matter what your favorite game show is, there is a likely an online app for it. These apps listed above were the top game show apps for Android. Enjoy the games today!