Top iOS Game Show Apps

Are you a fan of game shows? If you want to enjoy the experience of playing them without traveling to the studio where they’re filmed, then you should consider iOS apps that feature them. Here are some of the best options:


  1. Deal or No Deal

“Deal or No Deal” hasn’t been around as many other game show apps but it’s still one of the most popular ones on TV today. The app could have been more realistic. However, one big benefit of the iPhone/iPad version is that it gives players an opportunity to be a banker, which adds a new twist to the game.

This might seem in theory to be a big upgrade for the game. However, it makes the game somewhat mathematical process. It creates an odd situation because it’s about a game featuring people who don’t exist. It’s quite odd if you think about it. If you were personally asked the question you would answer “no deal.”


  1. Family Fortunes HD

This is the UK version of the original US game show “Family Feud.” The quiz is based on the results of (random) surveys. Players must pick the answers that were most popular. The cultural differences might be disappointing for fans of the original game; the game’s structure is in good shape.
There are some solid features in the game including multi-player competition and intuitive spell check. This isn’t the best game show app in the world but has received average reviews from players.


  1. Wheel of Fortune

There are multiple versions of this game including the “Wheel of Fortune” slot machine that gives you a chance to give it a spin to see if Lady Luck is with you.

There’s also the app for iPhones and iPads that simulates the actual TV show. This gives you the chance to spin the wheel then try to solve a puzzle by guessing the vowels and consonants in it. This show has been on TV for over four decades, so this is a great way for fans to give the game a spin.


  1. The Crystal Maze

This game from the 90s challenged a group of adventurers to use their minds to challenge a series of zones with themes. The process is the same for this iOS app. This game is actually close to becoming a big hit. However, one of the drawbacks is a big lack of individual game rooms in order to prevent experience from quickly becoming dull.

The developer has promised updates. However, it seems that this version of the game show could be better. On the other hand, the spoke phrases used by Richard O’Brien are a great bonus for the game. If more challenges are added this app could become a big hit.


  1. Weakest Link: Royal Wedding Edition

One issue is that the social aspect of the game is lost when it’s moved to the small screen of smartphones and tablets.

Mobile gamers have few character profiles and a user interface (UI) that’s somewhat confusing. This makes it a big confusing about who had a good round.