Top Word Puzzle Games for Android

Are you a fan of words and puzzles? If so, then you should check out these top apps for Android:


  1. Heads Up!

This challenges you to improve your guessing skills and guess the words on the card in your hand. After you pick a card or there’s a card to guess, the other players must give you clues to guess the word. However, the clock limits how much time you have to do that.


  1. Ruzzle Free

Yes, that’s “Ruzzle” Free. This is another word search game. It challenges you to locate the most words you can before the time runs out on the clock. There are bonus tiles to earn extra points, and making bigger words from jungle sets of tiles help you rack up bigger scores. You can also play versus friends for more competition. The game also includes tournaments to help you rank higher on the leaderboard.


  1. Wordathon

What’s this word puzzle for Android devices all about? This is a new take on word search games. You connect cubes located on the grid to find as many words as possible within a given timeframe. There are 4 grid types that you can play through. There’s also a new game each time you play. This will help to keep the game fresh and exciting.


  1. Scramble

Here’s another great word puzzle game for Android smartphones and tablets. This game was known in the past as “Scramble With Friends.” The game is still the same, though. The goal is to locate the most words possible before time runs out.


  1. Wheel of Fortune

This app is based on the hit TV game show “Wheel of Fortune” premiered over four decades ago in 1975. The game is featured in several mobile apps including “Wheel of Fortune Slots Casino’ This slots Android app lets players enjoy the game as though they were participating in the original game show.

This provides one of the most authentic experiences like playing at a Las Vegas casino or participating as a contestant on the game show. The app lets you customize the Wheel suing Boost Tags to improve your gameplay. The wheel upgrades help you to win bigger prizes.

Each time you spin the wheel, Vanna White will then spin the letters you correctly guess in the word puzzle. There are tons of slot games featured with this app to make it even more exciting. You can even use your Facebook account to play against your friends.


  1. Spelltower

Here’s another great word puzzle app for Android devices. This is a bit like a reverse Tetris. However, instead of puzzle pieces, it includes words. When starting the game, you’ll see a series of tiles located at the bottom of the screen.

You must search for words in them. As you move through the game, the tiles keep rising from the bottom. This requires you to find locate more words to eliminate the tiles and drop the set. In the case that the tiles reach the screen’s top you lose the game.